Soundcloud API for Flash and Flex

I’ve just started working on an AS3-Wrapper for the Soundcloud-API. If you never heard of Soundcloud: It’s a very cool service for sharing audio files on the web. Something like Youtube for music, but with style. They already have API-wrappers for Ruby, Cocoa and Python and there are several great apps using these APIs, e.g. the excellent recording app FiRe for the iPhone.

I build the ActionScript-API as the basis of an upcoming project called Scup. That’s a Soundcloud Uploader (hence the name) for the desktop which I’m going to build with AIR. But I’ll write about Scup later.

You can find the code of the API-Wrapper on github. I’ve uploaded a first version with just the basic features and will continue to commit updates during the next weeks. Let me know if you want to use this for your own Soundcloud app. I still accept feature requests 😉 And of course, it’s open source. Drop me a note if you want to contribute!

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