iPhone SE, iPad Pro, New Features added to iOS Support Matrix

EDIT: Please use the updated version

iOS Support MatrixHere’s another update of the iOS Support Matrix. I’ve included the new devices that came out this week and added many new device features to that tiny icons section. To make room for the new stuff, I had to add another row and replace some of the older icons. Here’s a list of all changes:

New Icons:

  • 3D Touch
  • Barometer
  • Apple Pencil
  • Bluetooth version
  • Siri
  • CarPlay
  • HealthKit
  • Split View
  • Slide Over & Picture in Picture
  • Watch Connectivity

Removed Icons:

  • Bluetooth LE (replaced with exact BT version)
  • ARM version (you’ll find that in the header of each section)
  • Wifi (all devices have it)
  • Location Services (all devices have it)
  • Microphone (all devices except  iPod touch 1-3 have it. The icon is now used to indicate Siri support)

Download iOS Support Matrix v4.1 (PDF)

You’ll notice that the bigger this chart gets, the less usable it is. Maybe with the next batch of devices I’ll come up with a better format, maybe something interactive where you can filter for specific features you need for your app. Any suggestions are welcome!

By the way, I got most of the infos that weren’t in the original file from these great Wiki pages:

Wikipedia – List of iOS devices
iPhone Wiki – List of Models

Let me know in the comments if you find any errors!

7 thoughts on “iPhone SE, iPad Pro, New Features added to iOS Support Matrix

  1. Thanks for keeping it up to date ! Did you get in touch with the maintainer of iosmatrix.com, so he can link to your site / update the master ?

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