New iPhone Specs Matrix with iPhone 12 Models

I finally found some time to update the Specs Matrix. To make room for all the new iPhone 12 models, I kicked out the iPhone 5/5C. From what I know, everybody dropped support for iOS 10 by now, so I hope nobody will miss these models. Since the iPhone 5 was the last model with armv7 architecture, I could also drop the rows for CPU architecture and Metal. All iPhone in the list are now 64-Bit and support Metal. I added a row for the new LIDAR sensor in return.

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.2

You might wonder why I kept the “Port” row since all models in the list now have the Lightning port. But 2021 will be the year of the USB-C iPhone, right? I just want to make sure I’m ready for that 😜

As always: If you find any errors in the chart, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Edit: Now also available in a printer-friendly format.

7 thoughts on “New iPhone Specs Matrix with iPhone 12 Models

  1. Such a useful chart. Funnily enough your archived grids are useful too when deciding how old an iOS you need to support to get the most devices included in your launch, balanced with the hardware benefits of newer devices. (I did like the colour and the iPad inclusion but hey not complaining 🙂 Thanks so much for creating this.

  2. Thanks as always for the chart.
    Maybe it would be relevant to add a line indicating whether the device supports the Taptic Engine or not (basically from the iPhone 7 and up, with the exception of the iPod Touch).

    This is valuable to devs because from iOS 10 and up, we have these cool UIFeedbackGenerator classes that exploit the hardware, and while we can easily fall back to a classic vibration for devices below iOS 10, we also have to use this fallback on the 6 and 6S (although they support iOS 10, they don’t have the Taptic Engine). The iPod Touch doesn’t have the required hardware for that either, I think.

  3. Great chart! I hope that the earlier models can still be kept in their own matrix for historic reference 🙂
    I noticed by the way that the latest version of iOS for iPhone 6 plus is now 12.5.2.
    Don’t know if it applies to the other models that have 12.4.7 as the lates iOS version.

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