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Update to the iPad Specs Matrix and Hello Fediverse!

Like so many others I switched to Mastodon last month, for obvious reasons. I was surprised how well this federated system was able to handle what must have been the biggest surge in users and activity that the platform has seen. There are still a few things that don’t work as well on Mastodon as they did on Twitter, like search, but I remember it took Twitter a few years to get that right as well. And since Mastodon is based on an open API, many things can be fixed by third-party tools — I’ve already seen some exciting projects announced.

Anyway, if you want to keep following me to get updates on the Specs Matrix, my account is @dorian@chaos.social. My Twitter account is now deleted.

Download iPad Specs Matrix 1.3

Speaking of the Specs Matrix, I added the new iPad models that were announced in October and dropped the older models that are stuck on iOS 12. There’s also a new row for the model numbers, per request from Chuck.

Download iPad Specs Matrix 1.3

Download a printer-friendly version

I’m currently thinking about moving this project to Github, to make versioning and updating easier. Maybe as a DB or a CSV file with a script to export printable files? Let me know in the comments if you would prefer that over the current format.

iPhone 14 Models added to Specs Matrix

The first Geekbench-numbers for the new Pro-models have been a bit confusing and there are no scores for the iPhone 14 Plus available yet, but I went ahead and added all the new iPhone 14 models to the specs matrix. The included Geekbench results for the 14 and the Pro models are from Tom’s Guide and seem to be the most reliable numbers I could find.

Because the list grows longer and longer, it was also time to get rid of the A7 and A8 models that are stuck on iOS 12. The oldest models in the list (the 6s’s) are now seven years old, run at least iOS 15 and I think that is what most developers are going to support now.

As always: If you spot any errors, please leave a comment below!

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.5

Download a printer friendly version

Big Specs Matrix Update with the Latest iPhones and iPads

Here’s a new version of both the iPhones and iPad Specs Matrix, including this years iPhone 13 models and the new iPad & iPad mini.

The latest iOS 15 now runs on a record 46 different devices and supports devices up to seven years old (iPad Air 2), which I think is another record!

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.3

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.3 printer-friendly version

Download iPad Specs Matrix 1.1

Download iPad Specs Matrix 1.1 Printer-friendly Version

As always: If you spot an error, miss a feature in the list or have suggestions for the next version, please let me know in the comments!

New iPhone Specs Matrix with iPhone 12 Models

I finally found some time to update the Specs Matrix. To make room for all the new iPhone 12 models, I kicked out the iPhone 5/5C. From what I know, everybody dropped support for iOS 10 by now, so I hope nobody will miss these models. Since the iPhone 5 was the last model with armv7 architecture, I could also drop the rows for CPU architecture and Metal. All iPhone in the list are now 64-Bit and support Metal. I added a row for the new LIDAR sensor in return.

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.2

You might wonder why I kept the “Port” row since all models in the list now have the Lightning port. But 2021 will be the year of the USB-C iPhone, right? I just want to make sure I’m ready for that 😜

As always: If you find any errors in the chart, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Edit: Now also available in a printer-friendly format.

Say Hello to the iPhone Specs Matrix

EDIT: Please use the updated version

With Apple releasing more and more new devices every year, my updated version of the classic iOS Support Matrix quickly became too large to be useful. After struggling with the gigantic file for a while, I decided to make a completely new, much more compact version while still trying to keep every spec that is important for a developer.

So I cut off all the old 3.5″ models (everything before the iPhone 5) and all features that every newer device has, like gyroscope, front-facing camera and so on. While I was at it, I decided to make seperate versions for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad (coming next) to keep the lists even more compact.

So here it is, the iPhone Specs Matrix 1.0!

iPhone Specs Matrix 1.0 Dark

The new file is based on a simple spreadsheet which makes it much faster to update it when new models come out (promise!). You can also download a printer-friendly black-on-white version in A4 format. I also kept the CC-BY license, so feel free to make your own version of this and publish it.

I hope you like the new format and please leave a comment if you have suggestions for new features or find any errors!

Don’t Drop Meo

For the past three years I’ve been working on my first iOS-Game, Don’t Drop Meo. It started as a side project to learn Swift, but soon became a full-blown indie game. After two months of beta testing I’m now anxiously working on the final version and can’t wait to release it!

Here’s the awesome trailer, created by my friend Linh Mai:

If you want to know more about the game follow @dontdropmeo in Twitter!


Another Update to the iOS Support Matrix: iOS 10, iPhone 7 Added

EDIT: Please use the updated version

Download iOS Support Matrix 4.2

Well, the title says it all. I didn’t find the time yet to come up with a new layout and icons for the new features (like “no headphone jack” 😜). But I guess the most important thing here are the new device identifiers and which devices stopped being supported by iOS 10, and that’s all included.

Download iOS Support Matrix v4.2 (PDF)

As always, please let me know in the comments if you find any errors or have suggestions for the next update!

There is also a more compact version of this matrix available, from the authors of the original version (get it at iossupportmatrix.com). I just still prefer this old layout because of all the details like identifier strings and the feature matrix, even if the file is now almost too big to view it on my 27″ monitor.