How To Make A Friendly Facebook Like Button

First I was very excited when I saw the new Facebook Like Button. But when I checked the code to see how it works, I noticed that this button actually allows Facebook to track all the Facebook users on your site, no matter if they click it or not (see my previous post on how this works).

As a publisher, you might not want to annoy the visitors of your site with that. So I hacked together an alternative like button, that only connects to Facebook if you click it. Continue reading

How Facebook’s Like Button Works

Facebook has introduced a new Like Button together with some other “social plugins” at their f8 conference last week. Everybody can put it on their website so that visitors can “like” a page and add it to their Facebook profile without leaving the site.

This button actually allows Facebook to track all visitors of the external site, no matter if they click it or not (as long as they are Facebook users – but who isn’t?). Continue reading

New Tutorial and Updates for the SoundCloud AS3 API

I just wrote a new tutorial for the SoundCloud AS3 API, “How to Go Through OAuth Authentication in a Single Browser Window”. This tutorial explains how to set up a web-based Flash application in a way that the user stays in the same browser window during the OAuth authentication and does not need to copy /paste the verification code manually. Continue reading

We don’t need Flash on the iPad, we need better tools to build HTML5 sites

The recent discussion about whether the web needs Flash or not was overdue. My opinion is this: Yes, we need an alternative to Flash Player, and HTML5 could soon replace it in most cases. But most of all we need a good IDE to develop content for modern browsers.

Flash has two critical shortcomings that make it hard to use for many projects, not only on mobile devices: Continue reading

Introducing Scup

ScupToday I’ve released a little AIR tool for all SoundCloud heavy-users. It’s called Scup, which is short for SoundCloud Uploader – and it does just that. You can upload tracks from your desktop by simply dragging them on the program window and then create a set (i.e. a playlist) consisting of these tracks. Grab it here! I hope you’ll find it useful. Continue reading

Updates to the SoundCloud AS3 API

During the last week I made some improvements to the SoundCloud AS3 API library:

  • Full ASDoc documentation is now available online
  • Uploaded an example file for Flash CS4
  • API is now prepared for scenarios where you want to automatically get an access token after authentication (I’ll do an extra post on this in the next days)
  • Added support for requests to public resources without having to authenticate first

Continue reading