iOS Support Matrix with three new iPads

EDIT: Please use the updated version

The iOS Support Matrix gets wider and wider. With the three new iPads that came out this year we now have 36 different iOS devices 😮. More than half of them (19) are 64-bit now and will all support iOS 11. And that’s without the upcoming new iPhones.

When the first iOS 11-only device comes out this fall, iOS 10 will have supported all new devices for four years, just like iOS 9 did. This pattern will definitely not change with iOS 11 as the beta already runs on every device released since 2014. Actually, if you buy a top-of-the-line model, this support period is five years. Only “reissues” like the iPad mini and the iPhone 5C, that were released with last years processors, got “only” four years of updates.  That’s pretty cool!

To make room for the new models, I’ve changed the layout of the PDF a little. I hope it’s not too cluttered now. I also added all device identifier strings and fixed a few bugs (thanks, @trevorm137!)

Download iOS Support Matrix v4.3 (PDF)

As always, please report any errors in the comments!

3 thoughts on “iOS Support Matrix with three new iPads

  1. Amazing work, as always. Here are a few more errors I have spotted in the support matrix. (most of these were in the original iOS Support Matrix as well )
    • iPhone 4 CDMA initial release was iOS 4.2.5
    • iPod touch 4 initial release was iOS 4.1
    • iPad 2 initial release was iOS 4.2.1
    • iPad mini 3 initial release was iOS 8.1
    • iPad 5th gen does not have flash
    • “*Geekbench v2 scores only” is missing

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