iPhone 14 Models added to Specs Matrix

The first Geekbench-numbers for the new Pro-models have been a bit confusing and there are no scores for the iPhone 14 Plus available yet, but I went ahead and added all the new iPhone 14 models to the specs matrix. The included Geekbench results for the 14 and the Pro models are from Tom’s Guide and seem to be the most reliable numbers I could find.

Because the list grows longer and longer, it was also time to get rid of the A7 and A8 models that are stuck on iOS 12. The oldest models in the list (the 6s’s) are now seven years old, run at least iOS 15 and I think that is what most developers are going to support now.

As always: If you spot any errors, please leave a comment below!

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.5

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