iPhone Specs Matrix updated with new models

iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have been added to the list. I removed the old A9 and A10 models, so the list includes all iPhone models supported by iOS 16.0 and later. That also means the last iPod touch had to go.

After six years, I finally replaced my iPhone X with a new model. Not because it wouldn’t still work perfectly fine (even the battery is still in good shape), but not being able to get the latest OS version felt just wrong, even though I’m not developing for iPhone at the moment. I think it’s still great to get six years of support for a phone – looking at old posts I saw it was only four years not long ago.

Another big plus with the new models is of course the USB-C port. I’m glad I already had the “port” row ready for that. Speaking of rows: The iPhone Matrix now also has one for the model number, a feature request that was already implemented in the last update for iPad.

The only other change is the upgrade from Geekbench5 to Geekbench6, which was necessary because the old version is not available for the latest models.

iPhone Specs Matrix 1.6

Download iPhone Specs Matrix 1.6

Download printer-friendly version

As always: If you find any errors or have suggestions to improve the list, please let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “iPhone Specs Matrix updated with new models

    1. Yes, hope I find time for that over the weekend. I was waiting for new models to come out this fall, but that doesn’t seem to happen. So I‘m just going to update the version numbers this time

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