Update to the iPad Specs Matrix and Hello Fediverse!

Like so many others I switched to Mastodon last month, for obvious reasons. I was surprised how well this federated system was able to handle what must have been the biggest surge in users and activity that the platform has seen. There are still a few things that don’t work as well on Mastodon as they did on Twitter, like search, but I remember it took Twitter a few years to get that right as well. And since Mastodon is based on an open API, many things can be fixed by third-party tools — I’ve already seen some exciting projects announced.

Anyway, if you want to keep following me to get updates on the Specs Matrix, my account is @dorian@chaos.social. My Twitter account is now deleted.

Download iPad Specs Matrix 1.3

Speaking of the Specs Matrix, I added the new iPad models that were announced in October and dropped the older models that are stuck on iOS 12. There’s also a new row for the model numbers, per request from Chuck.

Download iPad Specs Matrix 1.3

Download a printer-friendly version

I’m currently thinking about moving this project to Github, to make versioning and updating easier. Maybe as a DB or a CSV file with a script to export printable files? Let me know in the comments if you would prefer that over the current format.

2 thoughts on “Update to the iPad Specs Matrix and Hello Fediverse!

  1. I think iPad mini 3 doesn’t support OS 13 and above. since minimum requirement for iOS 13 is 2 GB Ram.

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