Here’s a quick Update to the iOS Support Matrix

Edit: Please use the updated version

iOS Support Matrix Update
I know that there will be new iOS devices coming out in the next weeks, but I needed an updated version of the great (but outdated) “iOS Support Matrix” now. So I just went ahead and made one 😉

I’ve added five new devices, the iPod touch 6th gen, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPad mini4 and iPad Pro. I also changed the names of the iPads to the common number scheme (“iPad 3” instead of “new iPad”).

Hope you like it and please let me know if you find any errors.

Download PDF

PS: I didn’t have time to add icons for the new hardware features like Barometer and 3D Touch, please bear with me!

3 thoughts on “Here’s a quick Update to the iOS Support Matrix

    1. You’re right. I’ll make an update later this month, when the new devices are out. Thanks!

  1. dit :Une piste : Répondre à la question fondamentale : Pourquoi ai-je créé un blog ? et essayer de retrouver le plaisir pr irem…Âe:)une autre piste : s’autoriser des vacances de blog ^^Et parfois, plaisir et discipline ne font pas bon ménage 😉

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