Say Hello to the iPhone Specs Matrix

EDIT: Please use the updated version

With Apple releasing more and more new devices every year, my updated version of the classic iOS Support Matrix quickly became too large to be useful. After struggling with the gigantic file for a while, I decided to make a completely new, much more compact version while still trying to keep every spec that is important for a developer.

So I cut off all the old 3.5″ models (everything before the iPhone 5) and all features that every newer device has, like gyroscope, front-facing camera and so on. While I was at it, I decided to make seperate versions for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad (coming next) to keep the lists even more compact.

So here it is, the iPhone Specs Matrix 1.0!

iPhone Specs Matrix 1.0 Dark

The new file is based on a simple spreadsheet which makes it much faster to update it when new models come out (promise!). You can also download a printer-friendly black-on-white version in A4 format. I also kept the CC-BY license, so feel free to make your own version of this and publish it.

I hope you like the new format and please leave a comment if you have suggestions for new features or find any errors!

4 thoughts on “Say Hello to the iPhone Specs Matrix

  1. Hi, thanks for these awesome charts!
    Small cosmetic issue though… looks like the GeekBench 5 Single/Multi labels got flipped (not that anyone with a brain can’t figure it out).

  2. Hi. This chart is awesome! Could you imagine to extend it by “NFC Reading” and “NFC Writing”?

  3. Hi,

    will you publish “the src” of the old version?
    I’d would like to update it one last time, and then print it out in A1 for my wall, it looks so cool.


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