Introducing Scup

ScupToday I’ve released a little AIR tool for all SoundCloud heavy-users. It’s called Scup, which is short for SoundCloud Uploader – and it does just that. You can upload tracks from your desktop by simply dragging them on the program window and then create a set (i.e. a playlist) consisting of these tracks. Grab it here! I hope you’ll find it useful.

I’ve built Scup as a demo application for the SoundCloud AS3 API and also as a learning project for myself, because it’s the first project I’ve done with the Swiz framework and the first using Spark components. When I find time to clean up the code a little I’m going to put it on github.

Thanks to the wonderful people at SoundCloud for having the idea (Eric), making the screen design (Katharina) and most of all helping me master the API and OAuth stuff (Hannes)! This is for you 😉

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