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Scup 1.1 released – now runs on Linux as well

I’ve just released a minor update for Scup. If you have already installed Scup, you should get the update automatically the next time you launch it. If not, get it here.

The new version 1.1 adds the new set type “Sample Collection”, enables bulk editing of the track type parameter and fixes a few issues (thanks for your bug reports!). Continue reading Scup 1.1 released – now runs on Linux as well

Introducing Scup

ScupToday I’ve released a little AIR tool for all SoundCloud heavy-users. It’s called Scup, which is short for SoundCloud Uploader – and it does just that. You can upload tracks from your desktop by simply dragging them on the program window and then create a set (i.e. a playlist) consisting of these tracks. Grab it here! I hope you’ll find it useful. Continue reading Introducing Scup

Soundcloud API for Flash and Flex

I’ve just started working on an AS3-Wrapper for the Soundcloud-API. If you never heard of Soundcloud: It’s a very cool service for sharing audio files on the web. Something like Youtube for music, but with style. They already have API-wrappers for Ruby, Cocoa and Python and there are several great apps using these APIs, e.g. the excellent recording app FiRe for the iPhone. Continue reading Soundcloud API for Flash and Flex