SoundCloud Uploader Scup 1.0 released’s right, Scup is now out of beta! You can grab the 1.0-release from the newly designed website If you have already installed Scup, you should get the update automatically the next time you launch it.

And if you haven’t heard of Scup before, here’s what it’s all about.

The new version allows you to enter extended track settings like BPM, video-URL, label name, song type, tags and more. I’ve also included a button to copy all fields from the set to all if its tracks, so you don’t have to fill-in common fields like label name and license for each track of the set. Besides the new features, I’ve also added many little improvements (e.g. a signout-button) and bugfixes(removed tracks are now deleted on the server). The interface got some polish, too (smoother fonts, iPhone-like buttons).

Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “SoundCloud Uploader Scup 1.0 released

  1. Just curious: if I upload a bare (id-tagless) mp3 with this one, set all details with Scup and then clear it as a download, will the user get a copy with all those settings embedded?

    It looks great, by the way!

  2. I don’t write anything to the ID3-tags. The downloadable file is not changed in Scup and not by SoundCloud either.

    But writing the common fields to the ID3-tags is a good idea! I already thought about reading existing ID3-tags to pre-fill the fields in Scup.

    I think I’ll set up a uservoice forum for Scup so you can post feature requests and bugs easily and visible to everybody else. Hope to find some time for that soon.

  3. Is there any chance of getting the source for Scup? I want to build a more specialised app that operates in a similar way, but have not been able to find the information I need.

  4. Good stuff, I’m using it for my upload. Is it possible for the next release to include a track upload rather than creating a new set? I don’t use sets much. also would be cool to have a send to group feature. great job mate.

  5. John, I think that’s the top feature request at the moment 😉 I’ll add that as soon as I find time for it.

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